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Most commonly your anaesthetist will visit you at the time of your hospital admission, however in some cases you may be contacted by phone leading up to your procedure. 

Our anaesthetist will want to know the following information:  

•  The surgical procedure you are having.              

•  Your past medical history paying particular attention to any heart disease (heart attacks, angina, irregular heart rhythms) or respiratory disease (asthma, emphysema, sleep apnoea).              

•  Details of any previous anaesthetics you have had, and in particular whether you were aware of any difficulties encountered or if you had side effects such as post operative nausea and vomiting, reactions to drugs or difficult pain management.   

•  A list of your current medications including doses. 

•  Any medication allergies.  

Your anaesthetist will conduct a focussed anaesthetic examination which will involve an assessment of your airway, as well as your cardiovascular and respiratory systems (listening to your heart and lungs).

Based on this information your anaesthetist will discuss with you a plan for the best way of managing your anaesthetic.  They will discuss with you the type of anaesthetic you will have, the plan for managing pain and nausea afterwards, as well as a discussion about risks of anaesthesia relevant to your procedure.

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